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Our factory, Yun Cropcare Co., Ltd, is the largest pesticide preparation and processing plant in the Central Plains region of China. Our factory is located in an industrial cluster area in Zhumadian City, Henan Province, and covers 10 hectares. We are proud to have a diversified team of senior professionals, rich technical recipes, and several independently patented technologies that allow us to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have separate workshops for various types of pesticide preparation and processing, and our annual capacity can reach 50,000 MT.

Highly automatic production line

We are committed to digitalization and have implemented a digital factory guided construction project that uses the latest IoT, cloud computing, and edge computing technologies. Our systems allow for end to end data integration, from production to product development to operation. We have fully integrated automation technology, equipment management systems, and productio n execution systems that improve controllability and traceability. This focus on digitalization and data integration allows us to reduce manual intervention on the production line and plan and schedule production more efficiently.

Overall, our factory's focus on digitalization and data integration improves information management, reduces manual intervention, and enhances product quality and traceability. These benefits allow us to provide our customers with high quality pesticide preparation and processing services while being environmentally responsible and energy efficient.

Our intelligent factory employs the latest digital and IoT technology, enabling a highly automatic production line. Through thousands of sensors and an automatic production system, we deliver large quantities quickly, while maintaining stable quality and low labor costs.

Strong production and supply capacity

WDG lines

With a yearly capacity of 60,000 MT, our intelligent factory leads the industry in China. Our advantages include highly automated processes, ensuring minimal labor requirements compared to traditional methods, a dust free and safe production environment, and lower production costs due to reduced energy consumption and material loss.

Non Selective Herbicides SL/SG

Our site is among the largest non selective herbicide formulation sites in China. With an annual capacity of 100,000MT for glyphosate and glufosinate SL formulations, and an additional 9,000MT capacity for glyphosate SG formulations, we cater to significant market demands.

We specialize in producing glyphosate in various salt forms, including IPA salt, Ammonia salt, DMA salt, and potassium salt, each available in different colors. Additionally, we offer formulation options for glufosinate ammonium at different concentrations, such as 15%, 20%, 30%, and more, all customizable in different colors.

With our expansive capacity and versatile formulation capabilities, we are proud to serve as a major provider of non selective herbicides in China, offering a wide range of high quality options to meet diverse industry needs.

SL Production Line

The daily capacity: 300KL for 200L drums; 50KL for 1L bottles; 60KL for 20L drums. All the lines are automatic. The production process including filling, caping, labelling, wrapping, cartoning , palletizing are all executed by machines.

SG Production Line

The glyphosate ammonia SG line is consisted by the innovative quick amination system and high efficiency drying system, which enable us supply big quantity products in short time in low temperatures.

Liquid formulation SL/SC/EW/EC/CS

The daily formulation capacity for SC is 60MT with different package sizes from 10g bottles to IBC drums. The daily formulation capacity for EC/SL is 100MT with different package sizes from 200cc to IBC drums.

With the special CS producing technology, we can formulation different kinds of CS formulations and ZC (CS plus SC) formulations.

GR Formulation

One of the most advanced automatic GR production line in China with the capacity of 100MT per day, plus the patent slow release technology, enable us to supply the best GR products to our customers.

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