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Country: Thailand

Job Scope
  1. Present UPI Cropscience and promote UPI Cropscience image, create UPI Cropscience value to Thai customers, mainly importers and distributors.
  2.  Responsible for B2B business, business travel throughout Thailand to visit customers regularly, arrange meetings and discussion to gain understanding and recognition, explore customers’ demand, facilitate the corporation and sales.
  3.  Contact customers via emails and phone calls to offer our products and services to expand business.
  4.  New customer development, study industry players, develop potential customers to build up business.
  5.  Conduct surveys and research to gather information regarding market news & trends, products reference prices from other industry players, potential products and propose business opportunities.
  6.  Ensure provision of proper after-sales support and services to clients, including logistics process monitor & coordination, quality issue handling etc.
  7.  Account receivable collection: monitor due date, keep communication with customers, make sure timely payment from customers.
    *Include & not limited to above.

Working Location: Bangkok

  1.  Education: Bachelor or Master Degree majored in agronomist or crop protection.
  2.  Software: Good skills in Microsoft offices, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  3.  Language: Fluent in English, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  4.  Good communication skills with customers and internal departments.
  5.  Experience: 3-5 years B2B sales experience in Thailand.

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