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Collaborative Office Platform

As a leader in the agrochemical industry, our E-commerce platform features cutting edge technology that integrates big data, artificial intelligence, and ERPCRM (customer relationship management) to provide our customers with a seamless and intuitive experience.

Our collaborative office platform is fully intelligent, bringing together our internal procurement department, business department, documentation department, risk control department, and finance department to streamline communication and foster teamwork. We prioritize human experience, creating a one stop office experience for organizational users that is easy to use, efficient, and intelligent.

Our intelligent document production platform automatically generates a full set of documents, improving the efficiency of bill making by 50% and increasing the clean rate of L/C delivery by 30%. This results in significant time savings and increased efficiency for our employees.

We also offer a foreign trade industry chain collaborative office cloud platform that connects customers, suppliers, logistics, freight forwarders, and banks to enhance the synergy of the whole industry chain. By providing a more efficient, convenient, and low consumption way of cooperation, we help each link in the chain collaborate efficiently and effectively. The platform also accumulates operational data to provide decision support for further optimization of company management and operation.

Our Pesticide Information Technology Sharing Platform offers our customers the ability to track their registration progress, access the latest agricultural information, and receive updated quotes. At UPI, we value our commitment to building strong relationships with our customers and strive to enhance their experience by working together towards progress and success.

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